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      1. Professor George Smoot, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, visit our university
      2. Foshan University wins the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award
      3. Foshan University celebrates its 60th anniversary
      4. latest news

        • Apr 09,2019

          Belt and Road Biology Forum on Plant Membrane Transport Protein held in Foshan on April 9th, 2019 by FOSU and Chinese Soil Society

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        • Apr 08,2019

          School of AI, Guangdong & Taiwan, a secondary college co-operated by FOSU and Dongguan Businessmens Education Fundation, set up on April 8th, 20…

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        • Mar 22,2019

          a delegation led by Vice-President Yuhong ZHANG at 2019 Futura International Graduate Education Exhibition organised by Chinese Service Centre for Sc…

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          Demand for High-level Talent Recruitment

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          Online Application System

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        • International Office

          Our mission: to implement policies concerning foreign affairs ...

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